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Joseph L says

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May 2021

I am presenting this testimonial to Melody Weaver, a.k.a. “The Dream Weaver,” because of the excellent service she provided to me as a Realtor. When I first called her, she was the listing agent for a house with some acreage that I was eyeballing. I had hesitated to act upon it because it was a bit beyond my price range and in my delay the property went into contract. But, contacted her hoping perhaps that contingencies might not be met and I could place a back-up offer on the property. I was more than pleasantly surprised that a phone call that was potentially geared to be an awkward conversation felt comfortable and easy to hold.

 I can honestly say that with the fullest of sincerity, if you work with Melody, be prepared to be impressed and have your expectations surpassed. She is one of those rare individuals that has developed a hardworking habit of always striving to put her best foot forward. Beyond her hard work and efforts, she must have taken me to nearly two dozen properties, she is an active listener, an astute negotiator, and has a strong flair for design element details. She did an excellent job for me and her adaptable nature makes working with her straightforward and uncomplicated.

In my situation, having a goal of getting back to Texas to be closer to my family, finding a sturdy well-built house in a safe neighborhood and a plot of land that’s actually a bit more than the original piece I was eyeballing, all within the budget we originally discussed. Considering the positive impact of it all, I think others can understand why I think Melody Weaver as “Dream Weaver” so without hesitation encourage others to contact her and let her help your real estate dreams come true.

Thank you for everything Melody!


Joseph L.

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